What makes core different

Any document type

Extract data from variety of document types like; Invoices, Purchase Orders, Proof of Delivery, Contracts, Insurance Claims, Bill of Lading and many more.

Easy to configure

Simple and powerful built in tools to help you to build your custom document extraction workflow. No technical knowledge needed.

Extract any data

A built-in library of rules to cover many data extraction requirements. If the existing rules don’t work, you can extend it with your own extraction rules.

Easy to integrate

A flexible integration engine enables to seamlessly tap in to your systems and processes.

Extract tabular data

Extract and cleanse tabular data by using out of the box powerful and intuitive tools.

Data validation made easy

Save time by simply and intuitive workflow to validate extracted data.

Seamless intergrations
Document sources

Ingest documents from various sources like;

  • Email Inboxes
  • Document Scanners
  • Business applications hosted on cloud/on-prem using our API
Cosume extracted data

DocAcquire API enables you to consume or post extracted data to systems or processes you already have in place.

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