Why Cognitive invoice

Zero Configuration

No need to build and maintain templates. Thanks to deep learning technology, the platform can extract data from any invoice from day 1 and continuously gets smarter with time.

At least 80% time saving

Eliminate the boring and time consuming manual keying of invoices and delivers the ROI from day 1.

Simple and Intuitive

We have been heavily investing to deliver an engaging and simple user experience and that enables our users to make it seamless to work on invoice workflows.

Seamless intergrations

Build and automate accounts payable workflows to ingest, capture and post invoices and purchase orders to a variety of app in cloud or on-prem – no coding required.

Robotic Process Automation

Extend capabilities of RPA bots to automate accounts payable functions such as invoice data capture, validation and posting invoices to ERP system for further processing.

Extract line items

Thanks to deep learning technology, extract line items from invoices and purchase orders with higher levels of accuracy.

Cognitive Invoice API enables developers to quickly add invoice data capture capabilities in applications using Neural Networks.
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Automate your accounts payable
  • Cut costs
    Reduce almost 6 times invoice processing costs
  • Speed up invoice processing
    Achieve 3 times higher invoice processing cycle times
  • Increase visibility
    Achieve better transparency into your cashflow and transactions
  • Reduce exceptions
    Cut down invoice exceptions by 55%
  • Reduce fraud
    Identify and rectify of potential invoice fraud
  • Improve cash flow
    Improve cashflow to add flexibility in your business
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