Seamless Integrations

Data delivers a huge value to any business, when it’s available at right time and in the right system. DocAcquire's integration engine makes it easier to forward the extracted data to many mainstream software platforms hosted in Cloud or On-Premises.
Seamless Integrations

Integrate with hundreds of popular apps

Use our Zapier app to quickly build integration workflows with hundreds of cloud based applications like Google Sheets | Google Drive | Dropbox |  Salesforce | Gmail and many more.

Get up and running quickly

Automate your data workflow by using our built-in integration connectors and start exporting the extracted data in real time.

Or build your own integrations

Want to export data to your proprietary system? Develop you own integrations using DocAcquire SDK which will get you up and running quickly learn more.

Automate your business

Get in touch with one of our expects to learn how your business can leverage our data capture technology.

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